Insight into an island's culture

It's one thing visiting the island and quite another making sense of the social psyche.

The small island of Malta is a tough one to crack. Geographically and spiritually it sits right in the middle, between Europe and Africa. Growing up on the island that is curbed in by the Mediterranean sea can encourage navel gazing and paranoid nationalism. This same sea that demarcates, also liberates. The Maltese have encountered a great deal of change in their history, their location has thought them to change with each master - the only way to survive. And yet this last half a century since Independence was gained (2014 was it's 50th anniversary) has been the most tumultuous. Freedom can be disconcerting - the Maltese are still finding their soul.

Freedom can be disconcerting

This short film was produced by Kukumajsa Productions for the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts in occasion of the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, held in Valletta this month (October 2016)